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The position of the rotor blades in the wind determines the rotation speed and therefore the energy yields of the turbine. The finely-tuned adjustment of the blade angle of the VENSYS Pitch System allows for maximum yields. Our pitch system also adjusts the blade angle to the wind pressure or, in case of too strong winds, turns the blades out of the wind completely, thus safeguarding your wind turbine. VENSYS Pitch System is known for its high degree of reliability and safety. Even in case of a grid failure, the capacitors, which are vastly superior to commonly used batteries ensure a safe control of the system. Currently more than 3,000 of our pitch systems are in operation globally and the high-quality components ‘Made in Germany’ ensure long service-free operating cycles.

VENSYS Pitch System - Highlights:

  • Built by highly qualified technicians at VENSYS factory Germany
  • Complete testing of performance and functionality by VENSYS engineering team
  • Use of capacitors instead of the usual accumulator batteries
  • Proven and tested more than 10,000 times
  • Worldwide service

Certified EMV:

EN 55011 und EN 55016


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