VENSYS Elektrotechnik GmbH played a pioneering role in 2010, when the first Inverters was developed for a solar park. Extensive experience from the field of wind energy contributed in the creation of an innovative and sustainable product. Our many years of experience in dealing with inverter systems in the wind industry, combined with a globally proven service structure, guarantee efficient cutting-edge technologies, an attractive profitability of ownership ratio as well as global supply capability of spare parts and service provisions. The Inverters developed and manufactured in Diepholz have proven themselves in various regions and ensure efficient plant performance.



VENCON PV 16.7 Hz 2000

Discover the VENCON PV 16.7 Hz 2000, the powerful grid-connected inverter specially developed for direct feed-in to the 16.7 Hz traction power grid. With 4 MPP trackers, each offering a nominal output of 500 kW and a total output of 2000 kW AC, this inverter sets new standards in terms of efficiency and reliability.

The VENCON PV 16.7 Hz 2000 is supplied in a robust container that is ready for immediate use after connecting the PV array and the AC connection. Thanks to its innovative design, it does not require an external 50 Hz power supply, allowing maximum flexibility in the choice of location.

Rely on the VENCON PV 16.7 Hz 2000 and benefit from state-of-the-art technology and unbeatable performance.

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  • High efficiency rate and optimized MPP tracking
  • Proven design with more than 15 GW of installed power
  • Best grid compatibility: All grid codes
  • Usage of multiple energy sources possible (Solar and VENSTORE battery storage)
  • First-class safety standards thanks to protective devices and precise monitoring
  • Innovative cooling system with extended temperature range
  • Minimized electromagnetic interference due to symmetrically grounded intermediate circuit
  • Free of voltage-induced degradation (PID)
  • Quality ‘Made in Germany’

Success factors


The VENCON inverter is characterized by its high efficiency rate ensuring that the generated energy is fed into the grid with minimal loss. Here, the precise and optimal system control and in-house MPP tracking (maximum powerpoint tracking) are unique attributes to the VENCON inverters.


The VENCON Series offers the possibility to integrate an energy storage system such as the ‘VENSYS VENSTORE Lion’ into the entire system.


The VENSYS String Combiner ensures that all strings in the solar field are collected intelligently and safely and offers ideal monitoring capabilities. They guarantee a harmonious interplay with the VENCON Series resulting in significant reduction in errors and correspondingly an increase in efficiency.


The compact design stands for low system costs, easy maintenance and quick installation. Thanks to the modular system design, VENCON PV-Inverters can be configured and delivered according to customer requirements at short notice. The optimized ‘Plug & Power Container Solution’ is available for outdoor use.


The VENCON Series offers extensive compliance with all local network connection standards. These can be adapted to individual country supply requirements.


The worldwide VENSYS Service Network supports our customers and partners on a wide range of activities. Starting with preventive Due-Diligence measures through installation and commissioning all the way to spare part supplies and repairs. Options to extend warranties as well as different service packages provide the necessary flexibility.



The powerful and compact VENSYS string combiners enable PV modules to be connected in parallel for central inverters. Whether indoors or outdoors, thanks to their robust design and IP 55 (optional IP 65) protection class, they offer durability and maximum safety in the PV field. Their innovative monitoring technology ensures optimum module management and maximizes yields. With 16 string inputs, an operating capacity of up to 150 A and 1000 V, as well as all-pole PV fuses and a load-break switch, they are extremely versatile. The monitoring software enables the monitoring and analysis of module performance, early fault detection and automatic disconnection of defective strings, thus minimizing downtimes and increasing yields. Operating data is transmitted to controllers for monitoring, either via copper or fiber optic technology.


  • Safe and efficient collection of up to 16 strings
  • Compact and robust housing for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy installation thanks to an optimised design and low weight
  • Innovative monitoring system
  • Excellent safety standard thanks to protective features and optimal monitoring
  • Operation at ambient temperatures from -20 °C to 45 °C

The All-rounder among the Converters

Specially engineered as a modular central converter, it features high design flexibility for the complete PV system through three MPP trackers and a broad voltage range

Modular: Modular: Expandability in steps of 150 kW means total power can be reached for all sizes.

Versatile Three different strings with an output of 120 kW each can be operated in a broad voltage range, making the most diverse module configurations possible.

Easy to maintain: The modular design, air cooling and the ability to control the system remotely (Web Interface) make sure VENCON requires only a minimum amount of maintenance.

Flexible Thanks to its compact design VENCON is suitable for use in any location.


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The All-rounder among the Converters

The central unit for a versatile island grid with a wide range of energy sources.

Modular: Expandability in steps of 150 kW means total power can be reached for all sizes, with several systems being linked via the DC connection.

Versatile Up to six completely different DC sources with up to 120 kW output can be operated in a broad voltage range.

Unbalanced load capability: Due to sufficient intermediate circuit capacity, the converter provides an unbalanced load capability of 100 %.

Backup capability: The integration of diesel generators as well as wind and water power plants is possible without restrictions.

Easy to maintain: The modular design, air cooling and the ability to control the system remotely (Web Interface) make sure VENCON requires only a minimum amount of maintenance.

Flexible Thanks to its compact design VENCON is suitable for use in any location.


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VENSYS Service is available to our customers around the clock - worldwide. A quick and reliable repair service and efficient maintenance management help reduce operating costs. VENSYS technicians are available around the world and can be called on the Hotline at any time. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians support your projects from the first second. They support costumers during the planning stage, ensure the smooth construction of the wind and solar parks as well as high efficiency and profitability of the systems for the complete life cycle.


  • comprehensive monitoring and evaluation
  • Available around the world
  • Highly qualified engineers and technicians
  • Efficient maintenance management (diagnostics and upgrades)
  • Maintenance and Service On-Site for converter (wind/solar), mean-voltage transformers as well as control gears
  • Spare parts available from licensees around the world


A unique service and support structure sets us apart from our market competitors;
through close cooperation we create clarity about complex issues.

Direct contact
Direct contact persons and clearly defined communication channels.
Our technical support structure ensures detailed problem analyses on the joint search for solutions.
Continuous visits create an enormous potential for learning and facilitate quick and efficient solutions.
Our communication channels allow for quick dissemination of important information.
Joint developments, production as well as the after-sales service ensure both a global quality standard and the exchange of knowledge.


The LTSA is our customer-friendly “all inclusive” package. With our LTSA, operators can calculate all operating costs of their WEC – conveniently and hassle-free. The technical availability guarantee provides operators with optimal planning security for their projects.


The Maintenance Service Agreement MSA is geared to the individual needs or wind farm operators. With our MSA, operators can use their own service structures, provided that they comply with VENSYS requirements. In doing so, operators can rely on the support of VENSYS technicians any time.


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