Innovative fast charging station with 180 kW peak performance

The new VENCHARGE 180 DC Fast Charger fast charging station differs significantly from other charging stations due to its peak power of 180 kW. This thereby achieves a considerably higher speed and therefore, also larger time savings during the charging process.

This high-performance charging station now enables VENSYS Elektrotechnik to provide an efficient module for the transition process for energy and mobility. It now brings us a step closer to our target of further establishing electricity as a renewable primary energy source.


The VENCHARGE 180 DC Fast Charger fulfils global standards and can always guarantee reliable operation, with its highly integrated design, even in harsh environments. The performance provided with up to 180 kW, with maximum current of 300 A, is supplied at voltages from 150 V to 1000 V. The power can be transferred between both DC connections and output simultaneously for both connections.

If a suitable power inverter is required, then we recommend the VENSYS Hybrid Converter VENCON as a modular system for versatile system applications and possible applications.

The 7'' TFT LCD touchscreen, which is manufactured from tempered glass, is utilised for executing the selection for the different charging modes, RFID authorisation and payment via app. The high-precision AC energy meters and DC energy meters provide the relevant data. The LAN or LTE connection (optional) enables easy operation.


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