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Our highly-developed VENSYS converters ensure operating cycles of modern wind turbines free from interferences. To ensure the converters function correctly and keeping the growing performance outputs of these plants in mind, effective and powerful water cooling systems are vital. Environmental effects such as air temperatures over 40 °C can reduce the cooling output of conventional air-cooled inverters. Dust and debris make heat discharge difficult and result in unnecessary temperature increases within the inverter. As a result, the degree of efficiency decreases dramatically. VENSYS water cooling systems allow for a constant and low-maintenance operation of the converter and ensure a high energy output, a long lifetime cycle of your wind turbines and are safe to operate.


VENSYS water cooling systems - Highlights:

  • High cooling output
  • Effective heat absorption and heat discharge
  • Proven in different climate zones
  • Worldwide service
  • Quality ‘Made in Germany’


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News / Events

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GREEN WORLD TOUR – 10.-11. October 2020 - Münster, Germany

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