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The innovative VENSYS VENSTORE LION storage technology is the final step towards independent power supply. Based on the most progressive lithium-ion technology, characterised by multi-megawatt performance reserves and a higher temperature range, the VENSTORE LION has a multitude of application options. VENSYS storage solutions stand for intelligent and future-proof technology on a global standard.

The VENSTORE Lion storage system is available in an indoor and outdoor cabinet. Thanks to its multiple application cases this system provided a high degree of flexibility.



  • Modular design and innovative IT management provide high scalability
  • Compact outdoor cabinet for flexibility and low overhead costs
  • Excellent safety standard thanks to safety devices and optimal monitoring
  • Innovative Battery Management System
  • Cell technology to highest industry standards
  • Capacities up to 115k kWh per cabinet
  • Optimised for wide climate range
  • Connecting to VENSYS systems without additional inverters

VENSTORE LION Application cases


Self-consumption optimisation

The amount of energy gained from volatile energy producers is often not in line with own energy needs. With VENSTORE Lion, excess energy can be stored and provided at a different point in time. Supply optimisations can also be enhanced.

Feed-in limitation

If the system performance of the generating facilities happens to be higher than the power supply, the VENSTORE storage solution can store the excess energy and release it at a desired point in time.

Power supply network

Load peaks in the supply network can be compensated for with this solution, thereby avoiding a network expansion and minimising transfer loads from medium- voltage transformers.

Frequency control

The VENCON inverter family can react quickly to either over-frequency or under-frequency, so that the VENSYS system solution can support the grid frequency.

Provision of energy control

In order to trap excess production, the network storage solution VENSTORE can temporarily store this energy. In so doing, no regenerative power generation must be reduced or switched off completely. Thus, the proportion of environmentally friendly electricity can be increased in the network without necessity to set up additional generating plants.


The BMS supplies the following information:


Cell voltage

(maximum/minimum/average value)

Internal resistance

(maximum/minimum/average value)


Each drawer (maximum/minimum)

Number of cycles

For each cell

State of charge


State of battery health



In order to guarantee the durability and highest quality standards, each lithium cell is tested on an in-house VENSYS test stand.











Version Outdoor
 Principle DC/DC converter
Number of DC/DC converters 2
IGBT Type SKiiP4 Technology
Cell Type LiFePO4 Lithium iron phosphate
Battery strings 2
Total weight 2,900 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,652 x 1,718 x 2,080 mm
Protection class battery cabinet IP55
Number of DC connections 1
Voltage range 750-1200 V
Short circuit protection per input 450 A (aR-fuse)
Max. current 330 A


Nominal power at charge 60 kW
Max. power at charge* 115 kW
Nominal power at discharge 115 kW
Max. power at discharge* 250 kW
Capacity 115 kWh
Charging time (30 % - 95 % SOC) 45 Min


Operating temperature range -20 °C ...+50 °C
Storage temperature range -20 °C ...+30 °C
Max. Relative humidity 95,00 % (not condensing)
Max. installation height (altitude) < 1.500 m (above sea level)
Cooling system battery cabinet Air conditioner
Cooling system power electronics Air cooled


Supply voltage 400 (3p) Vac
Supply voltage range ±10 %
Supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Self-consumption (standby / maximum) 20 W / 4600 W
External communication Ethernet (Modbus TCP)


Isolation monitoring Installed
Battery-Split in case of errors <120 V units
Short circuit protection Installed, per battery unit
Manual circuit breaker Installed, per battery string
Overvoltage protection (self-supply) Optional
Conformity EN 55011:2009/A1:2010 / EN 61000-4-2
*Depends on the calculated limit of the BMS. The BMS will reduce the performance with an increase of the resistance of the cell. This could happen at e.g. too low or too high temperature. 


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