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VENCON PV-Inverters increase the overall efficiency and reliability of your solar park. The VENCON Series provides a profitable way to convert the direct current, generated by the solar modules, into valuable and CO2-free alternating current and feed it into the grid.

Years of experience and a proven technology platform have been re-combined to develop the VENCON Series. With its high range from 100 kW to 2000 kW, the VENCON PV-Inverters are designed to be the ideal solution for large scale applications such as solar power plants and industrial buildings.



  • High efficiency rate and optimized MPP tracking
  • Proven design with more than 15 GW of installed power
  • Best grid compatibility: All grid codes
  • Usage of multiple energy sources possible (Solar and VENSTORE battery storage)
  • First-class safety standards thanks to protective devices and precise monitoring
  • Innovative cooling system with extended temperature range
  • Minimized electromagnetic interference due to symmetrically grounded intermediate circuit
  • Free of voltage-induced degradation (PID)
  • Quality ‚Made in Germany‘


Success factors of the VENCON Inverters


Maximum yield

The VENCON inverter is characterized by its high efficiency rate ensuring that the generated energy is fed into the grid with minimal loss. Here, the precise and optimal system control and in-house MPP tracking (maximum powerpoint tracking) are unique attributes to the VENCON inverters.

Compact and modular design

The compact design stands for low system costs, easy maintenance and quick installation. Thanks to the modular system design, VENCON PV-Inverters can be configured and delivered according to customer requirements at short notice. The optimized ‘Plug & Power Container Solution’ is available for outdoor use.


The VENCON Series offers the possibility to integrate an energy storage system such as the ‘VENSYS VENSTORE Lion’ into the entire system.


The VENCON Series offers extensive compliance with all local network connection standards. These can be adapted to individual country supply requirements.

VENSYS String Combiner

The VENSYS String Combiner ensures that all strings in the solar field are collected intelligently and safely and offers ideal monitoring capabilities. They guarantee a harmonious interplay with the VENCON Series resulting in significant reduction in errors and correspondingly an increase in efficiency.

Service und Support

The worldwide VENSYS Service Network supports our customers and partners on a wide range of activities. Starting with preventive Due-Diligence measures through installation and commissioning all the way to spare part supplies and repairs.
Options to extend warranties as well as different service packages provide the necessary flexibility.


VENCON Inverters - Certificates:












Version Indoor / Container solution Indoor / Container solution
Inverter type 1.5 MW Inverter Solar/Storage 2.0 MW Inverter Solar/Storage
Principle IGBT inverter IGBT inverter
IGBT type SKiiP 3-technology SKiiP 3-technology
Supply voltage (AC) 400 V AC, 3-phases 400 V AC, 3-phases
Total weight  2,300 kg / 9,500 kg  2,700 kg / 10,000 kg 
Dimensions Indoor / Container solution (WxDxH)  2,600 x 826 x 2,080 mm / 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm  2,600 x 826 x 2,080 mm / 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm 
Protection class IP 54 IP 54
Rated AC voltage 620 V, 3-phase-system 620 V, 3-phase-system
Type Without transformer (IT / TN-grid) Without transformer (IT / TN-grid)
Rated AC current 1397 A 1860 A
Apparent power 1500 kVA 2000 kVA
Rated power  1500 kW  2000 kW 
DC-link voltage  ± 575 V ± 575 V 
IGBT switching frequency  2.4 kHz  2.4 kHz 
Rated frequency (fr)  50 Hz  50 Hz 
Frequency range  47.5 - 63 Hz  47.5 - 63 Hz 
Adjustable displacement power factor (cos φ)  0.925 overexcited to 0.925 underexcited  0.925 overexcited to 0.925 underexcited 
THD at nominal load THD ≤ 4.0 % (EN-50160, IEC61000-3-6) THD ≤ 4.0 % (EN-50160, IEC61000-3-6)
Overcurrent protection (lmax) 1600 A 2100 A
Number of independent MPP inputs 1 1
Strings per MPP input  Max. 18  Max. 24 
Short circuit protection  200 A gPV fuses  200 A gPV fuses 
MPP voltage range  400 - 1000 V  400 - 1000 V 
Max. input current  2028 A (3 x 676 A)  2661 A (3 x 887 A) 
Max. open-circuit voltage  1100 V  1100 V 
Efficiency rate (EUR) 98.7 %* 98.6 %*
Standby self-consumption < 200 W < 200 W
Main control system WAGO fieldbus-controller WAGO fieldbus-controller
External communication TCP / IP TCP / IP
Cooling system VENSYS Water Cooling VENSYS Water Cooling
Cooling principle Water cooled Water cooled
Working pressure (setpoint)  Approx. 2 bar  Approx. 2 bar 
Refrigerant Water - Ethanol mixture Water - Ethanol mixture
Operating temperature range - 20.0 °C ... + 45.0 °C - 20.0 °C ... + 45.0 °C
Storage temperature range - 30.0 °C ... + 60.0 °C - 30.0 °C ... + 60.0 °C
Max. relative humidity 95.00 % (not condensing) 95.00 % (not condensing)
Max. installation height (altitude) < 1,500 m (above sea level) < 1,500 m (above sea level)
Noise emission Max. 75 dB Max. 75 dB
DC protection device Switch-disconnector Switch-disconnector
Overvoltage protection category Type 2 Type 2
Lightning protection class Optional Optional
Overvoltage protection category (self-supply)  Type 2  Type 2 
Compliance   EN 55011 / EN 55016 / IEC 60068 / IEC 61683 / IEC 61727  EN 55011 / EN 55016 / IEC 60068 / IEC 61683 / IEC 61727 
Certificates  BDEW / TC2007 / FGW TR3 / FGW TR4  BDEW / TC2007 / FGW TR3 / FGW TR4 
*Effiency rate measured without self-supply    




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