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Success at TOP 100: Ranga Yogeshwar honors VENSYS Elektrotechnik

Award ceremony took place on 26.11.2021

Article: Diepholzer Kreisblatt / DIEPHOLZ, Tuesday November 30th, 2021

The Diepholz-based company VENSYS has been named a top 100 company for innovation climate

Diepholz – Founded in 2008, VENSYS Elektrotechnik is still a fairly young company. All the greater joy that the company has now been honored as one of Germany's Top 100 companies. "And that directly with our first application to the innovation competition," says Nicole Grote, responsible for marketing and public relations at Vensys. In the scientific selection process, Vensys impressed particularly in the category "Climate of Innovation" in the company size "51 to 200 employees in Germany".

The company develops and manufactures electrical engineering components for wind energy, solar energy and storage systems. One focus is on full converters and rotor blade adjustment systems for wind turbines. "When an employee has an idea, his or her suggestion is taken up, discussed and - if it makes economic sense and is technically feasible - quickly implemented in day-to-day operations. The potential of the ideas is explored by employees from a wide range of areas together with the managers in a quality circle. There they discuss how the suggestions can be implemented. Every suggestion made by an employee triggers a meeting of this circle," reports Thomas Hajek-Wöltje, who is responsible for environmental management and quality assurance.

Complementing the electrical engineering for wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems and e-car fast-charging columns, employees discovered a whole new field of business: power converters for converting the energy of hydrogen fuel cells. "This was an initiative that came from sales, and for which I quickly released the budget without restriction," reports Managing Director Urban Schippmann in a press release.

"We had already heard about this competition from many business partners. At the end of last year, in the middle of the pandemic, we started thinking about taking part in the competition," explains Nicole Grote. "You question yourself, think about what might need improvement," she describes. Innovation is a top priority at the compnay, which now has around 100 employees.

Answering the questionnaire had not been a simple tick box exercise. Criteria such as working time and budget for innovation, further training and personnel resources had to be substantiated with definitive figures and investment volumes. Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist and mentor of Top 100, congratulated with a personal video message. Actually, the award ceremony should have take place in Überlingen, Bavaria. Due to the pandemic, this took place online.

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