Strategic Cooperation between GreenTEC and VENSYS

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Strategic Cooperation between GreenTEC and VENSYS

On April 9th, GreenTEC and VENSYS Elektrotechnik met at the GreenTEC Campus in Enge-Sande to establish a future partnership.

With the VENSYS hybrid converter "VENCON300", it will be possible in the future to simulate a stand-alone grid on the campus. Thanks to the flexible AC and DC interfaces of the VENCON, a wide variety of sources and consumers can be integrated into the system, including batteries from various manufacturers, photovoltaic systems, flywheel storage units, or even diesel generators.

Due to its location and unique infrastructure, the GreenTEC Campus offers the opportunity to thoroughly test any functionality for later use. The informative exchange was rounded off by a session of "padel," a booming sport from Spain.

All participants had a great time and look forward to a successful collaboration.

You can find further information about the GreenTec Campus here.

Picture from left to right: Thomas Peters (VENSYS), Marten Jensen (GreenTEC), Benjamin Sommer (GreenTEC), Jan Winkelmann (VENSYS).